About the Basket Brigade of San Diego

Each year the Basket Brigade of San Diego promotes and holds an event to build and deliver thanksgiving baskets to San Diego families who might otherwise go without.

Basket Brigade of San Diego, Mission, Vision, Values and Service Statements

Each year, the Basket Brigade of San Diego provides Thanksgiving dinner baskets to families in San Diego County and promotes Community, Gratitude and Service in the process. This year, near 100-thousand families in San Diego County will go without or struggle to provide a proper thanksgiving dinner for their family. Our goal, is to put an end to the hunger and uncertainty this causes in our community. The Thanksgiving holiday was founded on the principles of community, gratitude and service. Please join us in giving provisions and providing dignity. Let’s give our community a hand-up together.

When you provide for a family, you show the next generation that humanity is not bound to conflict for survival. You give hope, show your gratitude for life, step up against fear and make a direct impact. In doing this, you experience the greatest gift possible, the gift of giving. We see a future where social programs are designed and guided by passionate people. We believe that life in San Diego can be a paradise, not a struggle. Our vision is to create an environment that encourages our beneficiaries to one day become our contributors.

The Basket Brigade of San Diego is founded on the values of caring, community, gratitude and service. We believe the actions of giving and receiving, are how we experience god. We believe this interaction is the essence of humanity.

The Basket Brigade of San Diego serves two customer groups, our contributors and our beneficiaries. Our contributors are the individuals and organizations who give their time, talents and treasures to serve our mission. Our beneficiaries are families in San Diego county who are having trouble making ends meet, are looking for help and hope or could use a hand up. Our beneficiaries receive Thanksgiving dinner baskets that give them the dignity and joy of a family meal on the Thanksgiving holiday.